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The Graves Advisory Group’s Sports and Entertainment Practice is dedicated to bridging the relationship and communications Delta between Ownership and Institutional Executives, and their elite, uniquely branded, Performers…in order to achieve organizational success!

                          “We are uniquely positioned to do the work, because we have lived and                                                                                                                  achieved in both arenas and understand those roles like no other Firm in the country!"                                                  

– Lawrence F. Williams, II

   Partner, Graves Advisory Group

Our goal is harnessing the spirit of one's individuality, and preserving ones authenticity (“Keepin’ it real!”)…while focusing on meeting team performance objectives, and exceeding commercial branding expectations.

Planning, coaching, grooming, and cultivating professional “Life skills” for adaptation in the work place, throughout one’s playing career, enhances ones personal image and franchise value, during and after one’s professional career.

We define the industries and the culture on and off the stage; therefore it is incumbent upon us to eliminate the cultural disparity of expectations…by using success models with enhanced contextual relevance.

                                   “Simply put…we say, what only we can say…

                                                      so it can be heard!”

                                                                 – Dino E. Browne

                                                                     Partner, Graves Advisory Group